The "Memories and Appreciations"  of B.L. Moor High are excerpts from stories submitted for inclusion in the commemorative booklet. You  may send your comments to

Annie Love, Class of 1965, Columbus, MS

Only at recess, would I run around the corner, to try and figure out why    Mr. Wicks would always sit outside the office door in the sun at lunchtime. One day he caught me, His remark was “Evans, go on and quit being so devilish, you're going to miss those Ivory Keys.”  It didn't impact me at the time, but I really got the meaning before graduation. This statement was so powerful to me that I carried it with me into my teaching years at Moor. One day I tried the statement on my students,’ and when they see me now, they constantly remind me of the Ivory Keys. I still wonder if it was the tone of voice or the power of the words

Dorothy Pearl Rice-Johnson, Class of 1971, Starkville, MS

Growing up in Oktibbeha County and attending the only high school in the area,  B. L. Moor  molded me into a productive and caring citizen.  Most of my siblings attended Moor before me, and I can remember Mr. Floyd Wade my chemistry teacher saying, “I taught all of your sisters and brothers and they all did good academically and I expect the same thing out of you”.  This statement not only kept me on the straight and narrow in school but it carried over into the community.  I would remember those words of Mr. Wade and it made me persevere and excel in all of my other classes.

Ollie Stallings Deloach, Class of 1959, Pleasant Grove, Starkville, MS

Special thanks to the teachers of Pleasant Grove High School who made a positive impact in preparing me for the future under their leadership. I was taught to believe in myself, set goals and strive toward achieving them.  Such special teaching lead me to rise above challenges and persevere to accomplish my dreams.  Those goals became reality when I successfully attained the title of registered nurse.

Maurice Robinson, 
 Class of
  1974, Crawford, MS

 Moor  High made me realize my talents.  My performance in the marching band as a drummer, learning to perform with various instruments, and football player in shirt number 33 were my most memorable experiences. I was busy all year with extra activities outside the classroom.  My educational experience taught me to work hard at what you do best, to be serious minded, dependable, and flexible.

Wardell Grayer,  Class of  1966  St. Louis, MO

'My most memorable experience was in the tournament of we won in 1964 when I scored 24 points.  There  should have has been a police escort that night with such popularity.  Most of all “Moor High was a great school.'

Ules Young Class of 1960, Flint, MI

There are many fond memories of my high school days. As a freshman entering high school, it came with mixed emotions—like a new birth. Coming from Turnpike Elementary School, with an enrollment of less than fifty students, to Pleasant Grove, and finally graduating from Moor High School, these experiences were challenging, but enjoyable

Ronald R. Yeates, Teacher 2003

It was at B.L. Moor High, more so than any other school at which I taught, that the beauty of each and every child shown through as the golden light of God. I am now retired and will never teach again, therefore, the one year at B.L. Moor was not only the zenith of my teaching tenure, but of my entire life.


Joseph L. Stevenson, Class of 1978 Durham, NC

Many have said " Joe you are the holder of many graces."  If this is the true sentiment of those who said it,  the true accolades belong to the community of Moor High School!  Moor High is where I learned to live in a community with individuals other than my family. It is where I learned about connecting. It is where I learned about separation! It is where I learned the difference between cost and value. I learned that “We begin life connected!” ....

Kenneth Stallings, Class of 1978, Port Gibson, MS

My memories as an alumnus of B. L. Moor are numerous. Reflecting on my journey, B. L. Moor was an educational institution that encompassed faculty and staff who taught and cared for all students and served as mentors. They were dedicated and hard-working individuals, who believed in you, tugged and pushed you, and lead you to the next plateau. More importantly, their ultimate goal was to aim and encourage their students to learn and become independent adults. For this, I am grateful to all of them who contributed to this memorable journey that was a foundation for me to soar to new heights.

Jossie Malone Redmond  Class of 1964, Crawford, MS
As a member of the Alumni Association Board of Director is a joy for me. As an eighth grader I remember walking into a new school that appeared to be the largest and most beautiful building I had ever seen. It didn't stop there; we were afforded opportunities that did not exist. Certified teachers in specialized subject  areas, a counselor was employed. As a result of these new opportunities I went on to college and graduate school.  I am happy to give back to an institution that gave me so much.

Joyce Bell-Collins, Class of 1968, St. Louis, MO

My attendance at Moor High School was most rewarding because it provided me with skills to succeed. One skill I grasped was to compete, when I excelled in sports at Moor.  The hard work to perform well has been beneficial throughout my life.  Competitiveness covers a wide range of skills in everyday life; for example, the desires to achieve, and to make good decisions are traits I inherited.

Shelby Jennings Scotts, Class of 1959,Conyers, GA

PGHS, in transitioning to a larger school in 1955-1959 to Pleasant Gove, there were more than 50 pupils in my class. The teachers were concerned, caring, and ensured that students' number one priority was to get an education. Instructors instilled in us the fact that P.G.H.S was just a small role we had to play in order to make it to the real world. There were many memorable experiences; however, the best one was being the "Valedictorian" of my class.  Thanks to my parents and my teachers.

Rosella Harris-Austin, Class of 1970, Starkville, MS

My education began at Moor High in 1959 in the second grade which was an exciting time for me. Realizing I was going to a new School, along with my friends from the old School, (Chapel Hill) was breathtaking!  Not only was I going to a new School, but would be riding on a new bus, make new friends, and experience new teachers.  Moor High School helped mold me into the person I am today. Teachers were concerned about the students, and taught us Bible verses: I thank God for allowing me to be able to share in this documentary to reflect on eleven years of my life at Moor High School.


Phyllis Curry-Tate, Class of 1974, Starkville, MS

One cannot reminisce about the past at BL Moor without the feelings of a big, huge family atmosphere overtaking you. I smile over and over when thinking about walking into in chapel programs to receive my certificates of achievement, the school closing picnics along the country side, and the competitiveness of sports. The challenges encountered in try outs for the basketball team were very stressful.  When walking toward the bathroom each year to check the posted listing for final selection was nerve wrecking and my heart raced with double beats. However, through hard work, diligence, and perseverance each year, I made the team.  Today I live my life based on experiences and principles instilled at Moor High School, and these memories are forever warmly embedded in my heart.


Mary Spearmon-Harris, Class of 1970, Starkville, MS

 I thank God for blessings from the Moor High School family. We had prayer in school in the morning. I am thankful to God and the teachers for molding me in to the person I am today.  Teachers were very concerned about their students, and even their spiritual life. I began Moor in the second grade with Ms. Ingram and Ms. Thelma Robinson, coming from Pine Grove Community School.  I will always remember the excitement about the new school, and riding the new bus with Mr. Joe Ree Malone. I am very proud to be a graduate of B.L. Moor in the class of 1970. May God Bless you and the reunion.

Willie E. Thomas, Rev. , Class of 1973, Starkville, MS

To all of faculty and staff I have many memorable times back at the Eagles nest of how you encouraged students’ to do their best, academically.  You realized our multiple talents in athletic abilities, but you urged us to achieve, as well. Mr. Wicks was an excellent leader, and disciplinarian whose principles worked. Much of my education is based on the foundation received at B.L. Moor from teachers such as Mr. Wade. Hogan, Perkins, Burke, Smith, Davis, Brown; and Mrs. Larry, Gillespie, Neal, Davis.  Thanks you all.

Lodina  Evan-Peterson,  Class of 1971, Shreveport, LA.

I am grateful for the Moor High School experience.  Teamwork, problem solving, and hard work are skills I learned.  Special thanks to the staff for their dedication and care in giving me the foundation to develop into a productive citizen. My educational experience began in the seventh grade coming from the Alexander Junior High School. My best subject of study was social studies and history: Mr. Davis, Ms. Gillespie, who created an environment conductive for self-expression and critical thinking.


Idonia Bibbs-Harris, Class of  1974, Bellwood, IL

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for allowing the students of B.L. Moor High School to reflect on past experiences. I have found it to be difficult to reflect on a particular experience because there were many life changing experiences; therefore, I have chosen to respond as follows: We were blessed to have a Principal, Teachers, and Staff who taught us about the important values in life. The values were faith, determination, and courage. First, we learned that we have a purpose that must be fulfilled.   Second, we learned that in order to complete any tasks, we must be determined to overcome obstacles. Third, we learned that we had to have courage to make a “Difference in the World.”

Marcia Lawrence-Patrick, Class of 1975. Gautier, MS

Moor gave me the ability to learn and play music. I enjoyed playing in the fluto-phone band in the sixth grade.  I went on to play in the marching band, and enjoyed performing with the student band directors.’ Our uniforms were black skirts and white blouses. I really appreciate the dedication given by Mr. W.B. Jones to give students insight into appreciation various types of music. I still have my fluto-phone which was a toy instrument.

Nitina Lawerance-Campbell B. L. Moor, Class of 1998

 I enjoyed all of my years there from Kindergarten through 12th grade. My teachers and principals were encouraging, caring, firm, and creative! They let me know that I could handle whatever life gave me. At the time, I thought they were being mean, but I've learned that they were just being firm to set me up for SUCCESS! I've embraced their characteristics and have become a firm, but loving, dedicated teacher myself. Thirteen years as a teacher and I love it more every day. It's challenging on a daily basis, but if I didn't have the great leaders from B. L. Moor, now known as EOCHS, I wouldn't be the great teacher I am today! Thanks to all who played an important role in molding me into what I am today!