A Sentimental Gathering of Healing, Restoration, and Rebuilding
TO: Former Students and Graduates of the B.L. Moor, Pleasant Grove, East Oktibbeha County's High Schools and Community Churches!

You are invited and request your loyalty, dedication, and support in a historical adventure in hosting and sponsoring a Juneteenth Celebration 2023/Legacy Ball. This event commemorates the B.L. Moor High School's educational and historic significance from 1960-2015 at the Mill Conference Center-MSU, 101 Mercantile Street, Starkville, Mississippi on Saturday evening, June 17. On June 19 a dedication ceremony with a Mississippi State Historic Marker will be erected near the former abolished high school on the county road boader. The presentation will include the Mississippi Department of History and Archives' presence that approved the historical significance and location  of the former high school on September 16, 2022.

Memorial Day of 2015 was the official closing of the insititution.The closing ceremonial functions were three days at the CoCo Center, Starkville, Mississippi . That Saturday evening was  a gathering of graduates reflecting on the 55 year legacy of the school  as an educational institution. The event closed with the agreement to reclaim the property for educational and community usage for recreational, health and fitness purposes.

In June 2023, graduates will reconvene with a Juneteenth encounter to commemorate  former African American graduates' success stories from a southeastern Oktibbeha County public school dedicated for improved education experiences during the Rosenwald house schools era. Through reflections, recognitions, and restorative efforts to rebuild a legacy, the journey into the life of the B.L. Moor High School family, its past, present, and future endeavors, the function will examine and proposes to create a better awareness of its rich heritage, and ultimately  acquire a respective place in county history. Support is desirous in recognizing and understanding how former students and  graduates succeeded, and overcame adversity.

Balloon Send Off!
Balloon Send Off!
Memorial Day 2015, a 55 year legacy as a school and learning opportunity for the community was curtailed. All efforts of advocacy in retaining its legacy for educational purposes were exhausted, ignored, disallowed, abandoned and sold effective July 31 2021.  We are aggrieved and saddened, however the legacy yet lives in the veins and hearts of many because of the mother eagle gave birth to many successes.Because of the great alumni body of pride, honor, and dedication alumuni are thankful and appreciate their education journeys with great pride.